Music Technology and Production

Music Technology is a program designed to provide our students with the tools and experience necessary to begin building a career in the recording industry.
Students also learn the basics of acoustics, signal flow and microphone placement. And they learn to create, manipulate, edit and master musical files on state-of-the-art equipment.


Mr. Little
Mr. Malysko 


MUSIC TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCTION I Level 1 5 Credits Prerequisite: Grades 9 & 10 (G) Full Year Course
This course introduces principles of sound and music theory. Students apply rudimentary concepts by using the equipment in the audio classroom, the recording studio, and the auditorium. Audio and music theory are reinforced by using traditional text, various websites and software programs, and handson

MUSIC TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCTION II Level 2 5 Credits Prerequisite: Music Technology & Production I Grades 10 & 11 (G) 
Full Year Course The second level of the audio/music technology course places great emphasis on hard disk recording, utilizing the digital audio workstations in the audio classroom as well as the recording studio. All students will learn to record, edit, and mix.
MUSIC TECHNOLOGY & PRODUCTION III Level 3 5 Credits Prerequisite: Music Technology & Production II Grades 11 & 12 (G) 
Full Year Course MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is studied and incorporated within Logic, Pro Tools and other configurations. Sound reinforcement is discussed in greater detail, and selected class members will be assigned to perform audio tasks for important school events. This course incorporates the continued study 72 of Music Theory including the study of intervals, chords, and various arranging techniques so that students can create their own original work. Students from this course interface with other members of the music department to create a catalog of recordings which may be used for extracurricular club advertisements, public service announcements, and many other purposes.

Announcers - $29,010
Sound Engineering Technicians - $41,350
Editors - $54,890
Interpreters and Translators - $43,590 
Public Relations Specialists - $55,680

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